The wonderful package from Chizue

A package from Chizue in Japan for the Christmas ornament exchange on the SBEBB – this is the ornament with the lovely extras Chizue sent. Isn’t it fantastic – Chizue stitched a design by Rosewood Manor that was featured in The Gift of Stitching. I haven’t even posted mine yet! Ahhh the guilt!

Christmas ornament exchange from Chizue

It’s very pretty indeed! Thank you so much Chizue.

Front side - LHN Exchange from Nicki in England
Exchange from Nicki in the UK - reverse side

I have been also incredibly lucky to have had Nicki stitch for me in the Specific Designer Exchange (Little House Needleworks) on the SBEBB. Nicki stitched The Bookshelf and personalized it by collaborating with some dear friends to find some wonderful Australian authors to stitch in the place of the classic authors that featured in the original design. I am so touched that she made such an effort for me. I just love it. Thank you Nicki!

The whole exchange from Nicki

Here is a link to my photos of Felix frustrating the hell out of me playing with me while I tried to take pictures of these packages.