I’ve heard the happy news that Su has received the fob I stitched for the Specific Designer Exchange on the SBEBB. Su has taken some extremely flattering photos of this piece and you can see them on her blog. I forgot to take photo’s before I packed it up (this is the second time I have stitched for Su and the second time I forgot to take a pic before sending to her – I am getting a bit hopeless in my “olde age” – I will be 34 next year).

This was one of the few exchanges I got some feedback from my stitching friends in Perth before sending it away. I took it with me to the Cat’s Whiskers Class earlier on this month and showed it to my friends there. It’s such a tiny piece I needed to hear that it would be pleasing to receive in an exchange (at that point I didn’t really want to stitch another piece in any case but I would have considered it if they had said it was too small).

I’ve had the same problem with my Christmas ornament exchange. I have stitched a rather sweet design over one on 32 count – its lovely but it is tiny. So of course, I have second guessed myself and stitched another piece. Much larger (and heavier) and I am ruching the ribbon now to finish it off (well, avoiding doing it!!) I should just send the first choice. Argh!! Why do I keep doing this to myself! Am I enjoying this process? Phew, this girl’s a bit tense at the moment. It’s a good thing I have a day off tomorrow!

In other exchange news, we await to hear with bated breath that my bunny (Rabbit’s Big Day Exchange) has arrived safely in his new location. I also finally got my Autumn package in the mail for Goldie.