Millennium progress for July 2006
I think this will be a long post, sorry. I’ve been wanting to become a bit more controlled and disciplined in my stitching these last few days and so I have been considering my goals. It all began when I was looking though my stash for my Prairie Schooler charts (I was considering an ebay bid). I was looking through my P – S box of patterns and wow, I have such a wonderful collection of charts! I could stitch from that box alone for many happy years.

So my thought is that next year I will try to exert more control over my chart buying. Charts are by far my biggest weakness. I haven’t catalogued my chart stash in a long time but at the last count (last year sometime) there was well over 300 charts there. So I am proposing to consider carefully any new additions to my chart collection. I will be aiming to only add things that are limited release or have some other “urgent” reason to be added to my stash. With limited release I’m thinking of Needleprint, Just Nan whimzi’s – that kind of thing. I’m not even going to try to define “urgent” reasons to buy charts (exchanges leap to mind). I will probably buy other new charts during the year, it’s inevitable really, but I just need to be a bit more thoughtful before I add things to my stash.

This doesn’t apply to thread and fabric and all the other bits required to create needlework. As I said, my purchases to date have been rather heavily biased towards the paper products (it’s that librarian part of me again) and I have no issue with buying that sort of stuff in order to stitch something I have in my stash.

I’d also like to continue to complete some of my long term WIPs (I don’t like to think of them as UFOs). For example, I haven’t touched Millennium by Teresa Wenzler this year and I was doing so well with it up till July 2006 (the piece above if you don’t recognise it). Same goes for this lovely redwork alphabet by Laurence Roque. February Redwork
One of my goals for this year was to become a WIP killer and finish off some of my longer term WIPs, I have managed to do that – I finished my Japanese Octagon Box and finishing Winter ACEO is imminent (if I get off the computer and start stitching).

Looking at some of my other goals for this year, I did pretty well on the Chatelaine resisting (OK, I fell for Pompeii in the end and I got the Elizabethan bag and Midi III is pretty damn gorgeous – I can wait for it’s re-release though, I’ve got plenty to work on right now, really).

And I achieved the other two goals too, I stitched plenty of exchanges and participated on the Ornament SAL blog (must post my last ornie). So on the whole this year hasn’t been a major stitching disaster. I must remember to celebrate my successes more.

Anyway enough blathering. I’ve got to eat breakfast, get dressed and get going – it’s Saturday and I have a whole beautiful day ahead of me!