Felix refusing to help with the shopping list

… You know the ones, full of good intentions to make heaps of progress on all the WIPS in your stash but sadly lacking in any stitching whatsoever. (sigh) I wish I could blame work, which has been slightly more stressful than usual – bleugh. I wish I could say I’ve been a social butterfly flitting in and out of the house hardly able to sit and stitch, (not true!) I wish I could say I had been ill and not able to stitch (God forbid). No, I have been caught up in a wave of inspiration and it doesn’t seem to want to let go of me yet.

It started with our Sunday trip to Borders in Perth. I had $70 in vouchers to spend so I knew I could get a few books. I bought four:

In my defense I had asked for Nigella’s book for Christmas but no-one saw fit to buy it for me. So I had to knuckle down and get that one myself. It’s full of yummy looking goodies, which is what you’d expect from one of her books. I like the sound of the Pear and ginger muffins (but then I like just about anything with ginger in it) and there is a rather nice looking recipe for Caramel croissant pudding and one for Eton mess (I had an Eton mess whilst I was out recently, served without the meringue – Blasphemy! – the meringue makes the dish for me). And yes, I do look at the deserts first. I cannot be the only person in the world who secretly wishes that they looked and cooked like Nigella. I have to take consolation that at least my sister does (a bit anyway, and doesn’ t my nephew Niall look cute in that photo)!!

An hour in the garden caught me in a moment of weakness, I have been feeling a bit more house proud of late and our garden is looking awful. Joel and I have not spent more than an hour in our garden in the last year and it shows. It’s written by an Australian gardener, so in theory the projects in the book are achievable in our climate, though I note with interest it was published in England as well.

And then there is Sew Pretty Homestyle and Softies These books are just so inspirational! I remember when Sylvie discovered Tone Finnanger (Tilda) – she was so inspired she created a blog to bloggers share their Tilda projects with the world, there are some lovely finishes there. My personal favourites from this book are the pears, strawberries and fabric roses, the cats, the dogs – alright just about everything in the book is beautiful and so I’ve ordered the other two English language books available: Crafting Christmas Gifts and Crafting Springtime Gifts.

Softies is a compilation of soft toys created by crafty bloggers around the world. There are links to their blogs, patterns and instructions and a tiny little comment by each blogger regarding their included piece. I really love the Owl, the Kangaroo and the Pirate (made entirely from crochet and very Jack Sparrow) – none of which appear on the cover. A lovely book to look at. I’ve also flipped through but left behind at Borders this book, also called Softies. I love the little Robot in this book – I have reserved a copy from my local library so I can make him for Joel one day soon.

So basically, this week I have been dipping into these books, reading lots of blogs (not leaving as many comments as usual, sorry about that), getting excited because the SBEBB will be continuing to run under the careful eyes of Carol, Cathy and Vonna (and immediately signing up for the Teatime exchange), reading my favourite BBs and just feeling exhausted by all the stuff I want to do! Next week there will be stitching, I promise!

Your affectionate friend, Cathy.

PS: This photo is called Felix refusing to help with the shopping list.