Here’s an update on my Mary Thompson Quaker (from the inside jacket of Quaker Schoolgirl Samplers). I’m really enjoying working on this one. We had a stitch-in at one of my friend’s houses on Saturday and I started the second motif there. It was lovely to see everyone again.
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Here’s my new HAED start: QS Tuxedo Cat Eyes (artwork: Carrie Hawks). Not much to see there yet (though that is 1100 stitches). I already love it! I can tell I’ll be looking forward my HAED SAL weekends this year. I had a cat just like this one whilst I was growing up. His name was Mogadon (yes, after the painkiller – Mum was a nurse) he was a sweet old boy who always looked a bit like he was recovering from a headache and with two young girls in the house, he probably had good reason! Mogs was a very gentle boy. The only time I ever received a little nip from him was a day when I was practicing my flute. I can’t really remember what happened but I suspect I must have been giving the upper register a bit of a workout. One moment he was sitting quietly on the piano stool, the next he was down by my ankle giving me a little bite (still gentle – he didn’t draw blood). It was time to put my flute away. I still smile whenever I think of him.