Thread Gathering - Little House Needleworks
I finished Little House Needleworks’ Thread Gathering this evening! Yay!! Hooray!!
Stitched with the kit fibres – Crescent Colours Cottons on 32ct Natural Belfast with DMC Light effects for the needles (as suggested on the chart). I just want it to go on record, I like the finished look of the light effects, but I just hated stitching with it. It was like stitching with wire – nasty!

Here is this weeks motif on Mary Thompson. This one stitched up rather quickly and was rather fun too.

I ironed this piece this week so I thought it was a nice time to take a picture of the whole thing again.

My dad came to stay last week. He moved to Adelaide in the late 90’s so we always look forward to seeing him. I took Wednesday Afternoon, Thursday and Friday off to catch up with him. I hate to say it but I probably should have stayed at work! I had written down a long blow by blow description but frankly, it wasn’t interesting reading so here is a precis:

  • Car Accident – Lucy’s car rear-ended (we were all in the car, including my sweet nephew, no one seriously hurt but I’m still a little sore so I’ll have to make an appointment to see a doctor).
  • Air conditioning in my car broken – first mechanics not able to fix as it is an electrical thing, next guy (the electrician) gives frighteningly large quotation.
  • Cathymk suffered a horrid case of PMS – terribly irritable and grumpy when she should have been enjoying the time off with the family.

Dad was a great guest as always and I was sorry to see him go (I think he was probably happy to get away from me, I’m more like my mother everyday!!)

I’ve changed my template for a while – Felix is back where he belongs as he likes to think.  I’ll be changing the header soon.