It’s February 2nd and time to make some plans for my February stitching!

February Redwork

Here is my ABC Calligraphie by Laurence Roque – which is going to be the UFO I work on this month (UFO – UnFinished Object). I can’t remember if I posted here that my plan is to get out and work on one of my Long Term WIPs each month – it would be wonderful to be able to finish it this month but I am a realist and there is no possible way that it could happen. Still, it will be fun to work on this again. When I was actively stitching on this piece I managed 2 letters a month. Maybe I’ll get A and B done this month!


I’m committed to three exchanges at the moment so I’ll be stitching on them too. They are:

  • Tea Time Exchange -Post date March 8
  • Winter Seasonal Exchange – Post date March 15
  • Prairie Schooler Fob Exchange – Post date March 31.


I’m also planning to work on another ornament for the Xser’s Yahoo Group SAL (Stitch a Long). Xser’s is an Australian Stitching group. This month we have a choice of three ornaments from the second photo spread in the magazine (last years issue):

  • Lizzie Kate – Joy
  • Scandinavian Stitches – Christmas Tree
  • M Designs – Noel in the Tree.

I would have loved to stitch Noel in the tree but I don’t have the Threadgatherer silks at the moment. So I’m planning to do the Christmas tree – I have the most wonderful dinky hanger that will be perfect for this one. I stitched Fill with Love (Designs by Cathy Jean) for January. Finished in the nick of time and here it is:


I can see it is going to be a full month! On top of all the stitching I’ve already mentioned, I’m still planning to work on Mary Thompson and my HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) SAL piece, Tuxedo Cat Eyes as well!