ABC Calligraphie Rouge

Well friends I have already met my goal for this piece for this month! I can’t believe it! I’ve decided to revise my goal and finish another 3 letters – GHI and be 50% done!

Today is Shrove Tuesday, Lent begins tomorrow. This year I am going to revisit my 2006 observance and not buy any stash (for me*) during Lent. Lent ends on the Saturday before Easter, my Birthday is Easter Sunday this year and I think it will be fun to have a stash-a-thon on the big day (yes, a bit of a corruption of the original intent of Lent, but hey – it’s my birthday!)

We had pancakes at work for morning tea today which was splendid! Something else I will be doing for Lent is to refrain from eating any junk food during this time. I’ve been on a diet since October but just lately have been falling into some of my old habits which is disappointing given my progress so far (10kg of 30kg to lose).

The other reward I have promised myself is a Cadbury Creme Egg as a treat on Easter Sunday. I have always loved these, but goodness they are so terribly bad for you!

* there may be a few gifties for friends during this time…