I pulled out QS Tuxedo Cat this weekend but I only managed 500 stitches – I have to admit I have been a little concerned about the number of exchanges I am signed up to at the moment so I put it down and got to work. The results:

  • Finished the stitching on my Winter Exchange (Oooh, I like this piece).
  • Started work on my Teatime exchange – this is coming along well. I’m about 50% done with the design.
  • Started work on my Easter exchange for Becky.
  • Pulled out the chart and threads for my Prairie Schooler Fob exchange.

Now I just need to get a picture of my QS Tuxedo cat progress for the HAED BB. I’ll get to it tomorrow, it’s a bit too dark now.

I had a wonderful productive weekend, swept out our carport and driveway, pruned the passionfruit vine (actually this is next-door’s plant but it grew over our fence and has been covering our pergola) and the bambino bougainvillea I planted a year or two ago which was threatening to invade our neighbour’s garden (some bambino!!). It felt good getting stuff done around the house. Well, I’ve been blathering on for a while now – to finish off here’s a picture of the gorgeous Felix and my dear hubby, Joel.
Felix ... with Joel