Nicki made me laugh when I read her comment yesterday because I purposely haven’t made mention of the new Just Nan’s here on this blog (yes, I love them!!). Quick now, Lois at the Elegant Stitch has posted her Nashville report and there are some beauties there I haven’t seen elsewhere and I am as avid a Nashville watcher as anyone.

  • La De Da’s Quaker Alphabet (and I am fairly attracted to the Spring Needlekeep too)
  • The Workbasket’s Quaker Rooster and Pig
  • Chessie and Me’s Busy bee tuffet and Miss Chessie’s Tuffet
  • Little by Little’s Bellflower Quaker Sampler (and Hot Cider)

Of course I am just looking, I was serious about not buying during Lent. Today’s photos are Felix enjoying a cup of tea (from New Years Day this year) and my progress on QS Tuxedo Cat from this weekend’s SAL on the HAED BB.