Present from my sister-in-law
There was a knock on the door at 7.30am yesterday morning and when I opened the door, a package had been left on my doorstep! Inside was the gorgeous lamb you see in the photo above and a lovely card from my sister-in-law, Penny. The Lamb is from a book I sent to her last week as a surprise – Crafting Springtime Gifts by Tone Finnanger. I had a spare copy of the book as I had accidentally put 2 in my cart on (I thought at the time the shipping was steep!!)- I had been wondering what to do with the spare when I remembered Penny had rather a dab hand with her sewing machine and popped it into the post to her. I had hoped she would have some space on her bookshelves for it for later when she felt inspired to sew. Little did I know that she received it on Friday and started to sew for the entire weekend! So I am the lucky recipient of this rather handsome lamb. I’m thinking of naming him Lionel. If you have a better suggestion, please do leave me a comment.

Also have you seen the new Prairie Schooler Designs? As I am a March Baby, I am very partial to Daffodils but basically I love them all!  Time to update the wishlist again!