Mother's Wisdom - Drive Safely (Design by Heart in Hand)
My most recent finish: Heart in Hand’s Drive Safely (from her Mother’s Wisdom Series). Here it is proudly displayed on my dash. My Mum always called out “Drive Safely” as I was leaving the house with car keys in hand – I suspect that was because in those days more often than not I was driving off in her car!

If you examine the CDs that I have to listen to at the moment you will see that I basically still have no taste whatsoever in the music department. I’ve just switched The Kinks out in favour of the Nirvana CD as I was getting sick of breaking into Waterloo sunset or Autumn Almanac at inconvenient moments. I suspect Penny royal tea and Heart shaped box will become my new unconscious anthems very quickly. Joel just asked – “how can you say you have no taste?” Well dear, what I mean is it’s pretty eclectic and unpredictable, I guess.

I finished up two exchanges over the weekend and I’m really pleased with how they turned out. I’ve taken them to work and over to my stitching friend’s place and got the appropriate “oohs”. Now to get them to the post office.

I got a little package from Mel today with the chart and remaining silks from Beekeeper’s cottage and a gorgeous little bee fob (freebie by the Drawn thread) I haven’t managed to take a photo yet, but will share one soon. Thank you, Mel! I’m really looking forward to stitching this one some day.