On Tuesday morning as I was leaving for work the postie finally showed up with my Easter Exchange from Becky, hooray!! Becky posted this exchange on the 21st of February and was understandably starting to worry that it wasn’t going to make it!

Easter Exchange from Becky!

In this picture you can see the two (yes, two!) lovely pieces Becky created for me. A beautiful pinkeep and a gorgeous needleroll. Becky does exquisite finishing and both pieces are just fabulous!


And here is most of the incredibly generous haul of goodies that Becky included in the package. I’ve been well and truly spoiled! What is missing from the picture? Sweeties (candies/lollies)!! Becky also sent a package of bunny peeps and a huge bag of jelly beans shaped like easter eggs. Rick and Becky teamed up to make the cute grey cat threadkeeper and Becky also made some beautiful counting pins. What a stupendous Easter/birthday gift. Many thanks Becky – you made my week!

Speaking of Birthdays… I have already received my present from Joel – a brand new Ipod Classic 160GB (actually bigger than my current hard disk on my mac). There is a sweet little story behind it’s arrival: I had forgotten to take mine in to work on Tuesday (probably the shock of the parcel from Becky) and had sent Joel a whine-y email that I wouldn’t make it through the day with out it (was doing some repetitive tasks and would have liked to have been listening to a book whilst I worked). I had just been teasing because I was going a little stir crazy. I went out to lunch and when I returned I had a call from reception to tell me that a young man was waiting at the desk. I was a little surprised as I had no appointments that day and when I got downstairs, there was Joel with my new toy (which he had loaded up with some music to help while the afternoon away) – What a man!! I definitely felt cherished and loved that day.

Today I left work after lunch (I love flexi-time) and have returned home in order to take these pix of the exchange package and prepare for the coming weekend. I’m catching up with my stitching friends on Saturday and my sister on Sunday for my Birthday (it is on Sunday regardless of all the spoiling I have received this week). Lots and lots to look forward to!