Seasonal Exchange from Barbara!

I was thrilled to see a little package by the front door when I got home tonight. Inside was two of the sweetest little fobs ever, created by Barbara for the Seasonal Exchange. They are both just gorgeous and sooo wee! In the picture above you can also see the wonderful extras Barbara sent as well!

Reverse of the fobs from Barbara!

Here’s a photo of the other side of the fobs – they are beautifully finished! Barbara you have outdone yourself! Thank you so much!

Winter Exchange for Goldie

And I was happy to learn when I was reading my bloglines tonight that Goldie has received her Winter Seasonal Exchange. This is a design from a old issue of Just Cross Stitch – I’ve misplaced it for the moment but if I do run across it again I’ll edit this entry with the design details. It was lots of fun to stitch – I’m so pleased Goldie is happy with it.

And last of all – here’s my Easter weekend stitching – Blackbird Designs’ Beneath the Sunlit Sky – this is so gorgeous in real life – this is a scan I did this afternoon – Do click for a better look. I’ve left the specialty stitches till last so the Heron doesn’t have a beak just yet. I reckon there’s a couple of day’s stitching left to do (there is a floral border on the right side and some more motifs below the lettering at the bottom) – I wonder if I’ll manage to finish it this weekend. I’ll keep you posted!