I’ve just heard from my sister Lucy, she’s had a baby girl and her name is Cate!

Cathy and Cate

No further details yet. Will update with picture and more info as they come to hand.

This is her second child, her first, Niall (a boy, for new readers) is nearly 3 years old. I’m so Excited! I’m going to the hospital tonight to see her – I can’t wait

5pm Update: her name is Cate Alexandra and she was 7lb 5oz. I’ve linked to Anthony’s photographs of Lucy and Cate if you click on her Cate’s name in the first paragraph. My Dad says she looks just like Lucy and I did when we were first born (he’s still in Adelaide, he’s just seen the pix). I’ve also added a link to Niall’s album – he’s still my favorite boy! I’m waiting for Joel to get home so we can go catch up with them all.

Last update tonight… here’s a picture of the beautiful girl with her slightly run over by a bus-ish looking Aunty Cathy. Hey, Lucy told me that she is named for me – how lovely is that!