Ah, Mary Thompson, I wonder if you thought I had let her fall by the wayside (with all my other forgotten beauties). No, I have a bit of catching up to do to keep up with my SAL group (who I haven’t heard from for a while, my fault – I really do need to email people more). I made a commitment to stitch a motif a week since the beginning of January, so according to my diary I should have 17 motifs completed by the end of the week – I have 14 now (not counting the alphabet letters), so three more to do before I am caught up. Do click on the picture to get the full view (I’ve lost my touch with the clickable thumbnails all of a sudden). She is over two on 36ct with the charted AVAS (and un-ironed!!). The off white thread does rather blend with the white Edinburgh linen but I am over worrying about that now.

I’m planning to work on Exchange Stitching this weekend while Joel and I are off visiting with his parents (it will be the Anzac Day long weekend here). I’ve got two pieces due in May/June – My for the birds Exchange (pattern selected, just need to kit up and stitch) and a Springtime piece for Goldie, my seasonal exchange partner (just need to find where I stashed the thread for this). I’m looking forward to having some solid stitching time and catching up with the parents.

Until my next update (probably in a weeks time), wishing you all many happy stitches