I’ve been stitching away on an exchange gift this last week or so and unfortunately that means there has been a distinct lack of blog fodder. Lucky for me, I had been obsessively stitching on Mary Thompson before the exchange stitching began and so I present for your inspection yet again, Mary Thompson!

I’ve added the brown-y and pink leaf and the yellow and blue half medalions at the bottom of this scan.  I think the T is new too.

I went over to my friend Janine’s today to catch up with some very dear stitching friends.  As always the opportunity to spend money on stash was not ignored and I bought:

  • Cupid and Vixen (Christmas Eve Couriers) – Nora Corbett (Mirabilia)
  • Rose Garden Etui – Cherished Stitches
  • Rose Garden Tin Topper – Cherished Stitches
  • A Virtuous Huswif – Cherished Stitches
  • Harvey scissor fob and sheath – The Heart’s Content
  • Squirrel Scissor fob – The Heart’s Content
  • Cabbage Rose Scissor Fob – The Heart’s Content
  • 7 skeins of DMC (and I’ve come home to discover I need one more – poot!!)

Some truely yummy stash there.  It was great to catch up with everyone and hear all their news.

Till next time,  Fare thee well.