Springtime exchange for Goldie
Here’s a picture of the Spring Exchange I sent to Goldie.   This is part of Cherished Stitches’ Amethyst  Collection (The LE tin, needlebook and fob).  This was such a fun stitch! I am going to do it over for myself sometime soon.  I’ve had to borrow this picture from Goldie because (like the utter boob you all know me to be) I carefully wrapped the exchange stitching and goodies up in tissue before I realized I had forgotten to take a picture.  You can see some other pictures of the whole package I sent over on Goldie’s Blog.

I’ve been away this weekend with my stitching friends, Janine, Marilyn, Maggie, Kathy, Margaret and Bev.  We stitched, chatted, ate and drank way to much!  I have a couple of little finishes to share with you but I am a bit bushed right now and can’t be bothered getting up to go to the scanner so I’ll share them with you another day.  I also started The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow (I just happened  to have it in my WIP basket). Pictures to follow soon…