In the war against ennui, we have another casualty. Yes, I am bored.

The winter doldrums have hit hard folks. I’m not stitching, I’m eating like a pig and I’m not exercising at all. Just feeling a bit blah. Everything feels like hard work. I like to think we have all had these moments (it can’t just be me, surely).

You will wonder why I’m feeling so blah, when you see the piece I am stitching (when I am stitching, that is) – a class piece designed by Janie Hubble of The Cat’s Whiskers, this piece has Pizazz! Here are some thumbs of my progress so far…

These doldrums are a temporary thing, I’ll bounce back soon – my natural temperament is unbelievably cheery.  Annoyingly so, in some cases.  Till next time, friends.