It’s been a while since Mary Thompson saw light of day.  I pulled her out of the WIP heap last weekend and have been working quite steadily on her.   As I said in my last post, I’ve added in her name (over one), the bird medallion, the dark flower at the bottom, the J, F and H and the little blue motif near the J.  I think she’s looking pretty good!  She is stitched with AVAS (as charted) on Edinburgh linen. My Last WIP photos can be seen here and here.

To anyone contemplating a start on this piece, I would buy two skeins of the dark colour (I am nearly out and there is another huge great medallion featuring this colour still to be stitched) and I have already picked up an extra skein of the off white, which also features quite heavily in the remainder of the sampler.  Mary Thompson’s Sampler is found inside the jacket of the book Quaker School Girl Samplers from Ackworth by Carol Humphrey (published by Needleprint).

We are having some beautiful spring weather at the moment. Just glorious!