Well, it’s been another weekend full of catching up with friends, frenzied housework and family reunions. I even managed to squeeze in some stitching time (to my amazement I have pretty much finished page three – there are some swirls in the bottom of the right “spot” that I have not done because I would end up with a short length of thread.  Janine assures me that this spot is symmetrical (she has the full chart as moderator for the group).  Sorry, this is Spot Sampler Mystery 2008 by Stickideen von der Wiehenburg.  You can join the group here, the pattern costs 11 Euros.

Yesterday I managed to catch up with some of my stitchy friends and had a major stash attack (the list is embarrassingly long).  It was so good to see Diane, Janine and Susan again.  We must do it again soon girls!  While I was out playing, Joel worked on a project for work (yes, on a Saturday), did the shopping and did a couple of loads of washing (what a guy!).

This morning we got a call from my sister in law enquiring if their family and Joel’s parents could come for lunch at ours (we were going to get together anyway).  As we were expecting to go to theirs, Joel an I had to throw ourselves into top gear and vacuum, dust, and clean everything – house was in a bit of a state (neither of us were in the mood to clean yesterday).  I am amazed we were ready when they arrived – the house looked lovely!  It was great to spend some time with them – they are so nice to be related to!  My niece and nephew were fun to play with as usual and when it was time to go there were tears because they didn’t want to leave!!

Now it is ten to six and I am exhausted!  I’m going to take some time out and read for a bit.  Till next time, friends.