… And I’m at work.  I’ve got a cold and it feels all sinus-y.  Ah woe is me! 

 Sorry about the drama queen act – I just couldn’t help it! And to top it all off my girlfriends are off on a stitchy weekend without me (le sigh).

Enough moping!  In stash enlargement news I shopped the HAED birthday sale – I picked up:

  1. Bubble Telescope by Ciro Marchetti
  2. A Wintery Heirloom by Jane Wooster Scott
  3. Old World Map (not sure who the artist is for this piece – beautiful)

And I’ve fallen big time for the new Mirabilia Bluebeard’s Princess – I love her beautiful floaty hair.

I received my Celtic Sampler – Wallace by The Needle’s Prayse (Darleen O’Steen)  in the mail this week.  I’m so excited to get started on it – looks like it will be a real challenge (but fun too).

I’m now just hanging out till 5.30pm so that I can rush home and get on with stitching my pretty purple spot sampler.  It’s really holding my attention at the moment.  I am pretty pleased that I have been able to keep up with the parts so far.  This week I was even able to find some time for a new start (a stocking for my neice Cate (shhh don’t tell her Gran, otherwise she’ll be all over me)) – it’s Shepherd’s Bush’s Jillian’s Stocking

Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with an update with pictures of some stitching and less whining!

Till then, happy stitches to you all.

(photo is one of my first ever from when Joel gave me my camera – Peter Rabbit with Oregano -It’s still one of my favourite pictures.)