Felix under the table again

Felix under the table again

Well, another post without a stitching photo. Sorry to leave you all in the lurch two weeks ago, My Dad came to stay for a week and whilst we love having him visit, it completely throws our little world of calm into chaos! Joel and I are homebodies on the whole and early to bed so Dad (the complete opposite) comes as a bit of a shock.

As I said before, it is lovely to have him visit.  While he was visiting this time around, he encouraged me to have another go at that old english favourite, Toad in the hole (sausages in batter/yorkshire pudding) – when my Mum was alive she insisted there was something in the Australian climate that made it difficult to get the ‘pud to rise – Dad thinks she was just making excuses but I have some sympathy with her views (mine never get that puffy either). Dad’s advice is to beat the batter more, so when I have another try I will get out the mixer.  Anyway here’s Delia’s recipe for those wanting to adventure into culinary realms unknown.  Good luck and let me know how you do.  Mine turned out pretty yummy even if it wasn’t puffing out the tin, like the one in Delia’s pic.  Hmm, maybe another attempt this weekend?

In other news, this post is being composed on my brand new iMac computer!  I was pretty passionate about my iBook (the laptop) when I first got it, but this machine is just wonderful.  This one should last me a while as it has a whole Terabyte of hard disc space and 4GB of RAM – WHOOT!  It has a massive 24 inch screen and just quietly, I have installed Windows Vista on a partition, so I can use it to play some of my favourite old games (Baldurs Gate I & II Neverwinter Nights I & II).  Joel has installed Eve Online on the Mac side (just because you can) and seemed pleased with the results.  Another silly thing we have done is play with iChat with both of us in the same room, pretty much in each other’s laps – such fun.  I’m going to have to figure out how to set up video chat with Dad (I think he has skype) and Joel’s parents down in Mt Barker (who are mac users so it should be easy.  

In stitching news, I made a start on page five of the Spot Sampler mystery I have been working on and received some pretty spools from Vikki Clayton in the mail – no photos to share as yet.  One day I should take a picture of all my spools they are very pretty.

I’ve got three exchanges to do before the end of the year… a Christmas Ornament, Reindeer Games and a Winter Exchange for Carol – got to get busy in November and get these all done in time.

Well friends, thanks for visiting, till next time.