Winter ACEO completed!

Winter ACEO

Hello Friends, I’ve been sick at home these past three days (bronchitis again) – I’m finally on the mend at last.  I went to my doctors on Monday and he gave me some antibiotics and ventolin to help me breathe easier.  

Something I have learned is that when I am ill I can’t count stitches for toffee.  Thankfully I’ve been working on a Prairie Schooler as an exchange piece and it has been reasonably easy to find my mistakes and correct them.  

As I said I’ve been working on exchanges when I am able and so there are no new photos of my stitching to share… so here’s one of last years great finishes, Winter ACEO charted by Heaven and Earth Designs (art by Sara Butcher). This was a two year effort for me.  

This year has been a year of small finishes and I have to admit, I would like to have another grand finish for the end of this year… I think Mary Thompson’s Quaker is about the best chance I have for this.  I don’t have too far to go with her.  I have one more exchange to prepare and then I’ll get to work on her.

Thanks for sticking with me whilst I have been in my slump and not able to share anything interesting.