Felix refusing to help with the shopping list

Felix refusing to help with the shopping list.

Hi friends,

Oh help – there are a couple of new designs calling loudly to me at the moment and I am counting on you to talk me out of ordering them

First of all there is Lizzie Kate’s wonderful new Halloween Flip-its – rather adorable and I do love her flip it series’ even if I have never finished one.

And then there’s Chatelaine’s new Mystery XII – The Caribbean.  I never thought I’d go for this at all, having no special love for the location – I haven’t been there or ever even thought of traveling there (even after enjoying the Trio of Pirate films).  But tragically the design features hummingbirds, flamingos, palm trees and an interesting looking coral reef scene – things that do rather appeal to this little librarian.  

Of course I have also caught sight of the new Cirque piece by Ink Circles too.  Very Spiffy.  I didn’t want you all to think I had missed it.  That sort of piece is an automatic addition to the stash.  I think it would look very striking as a black on white piece.  Maybe with a white on black Cirque des Cercles beside it?

OK, I am resolved.  I will watch the WIPs on the new Mystery and see how they develop, maybe I’ll hate how it turns out (you never know!!)

Joel very sensibly says I don’t really want you to talk me out of it.  He’s rapidly becoming a specialist in stash psychology.