View from our window at Lenna of Hobart

View from our hotel in Hobart (we requested Harbour views) - and look, a big boat!

Hello friends and greetings from our happy hotel room in Hobart.  I have to say first up, that this is the most reasonably priced broadband internet from a hotel I have ever experienced (A$10 for 24 hours – I said to Joel before I went down to reception that if it was less than $30 I would sign us up – we have really been stung for internet connections by hotels in the past!!)  We are staying at Lenna of Hobart.  A rather sweet “Historic Hotel” at Battery Point.  We are going to be visiting the Salamanca Markets this morning – looking for Christmas gifts for the family.

Cathy checking out the view

Me, viewing the First Basin at Cataract Gorge.

We’ve been in Tassie since Wednesday, staying first in Launceston at a beautiful bed and breakfast called Werona. I’ve inserted links to our accommodation because I couldn’t possibly take decent photos of  the rooms – I did try!  We were in the room called Joan (named for one of the daughters of the original family who lived in the  house).  On our first day in Launceston, we walked down the road to Cataract Gorge.  We rode the chairlift, walked some of the paths and had an ice cream before hiking back to our room for a little nap.  After our refreshing nap, we drove out to the town of Westbury (about 20 mins away as the crow flies) to have a look at their maze.  What a challenge!  Here’s a snap of Joel trying to find his way.

Joel in the maze

Joel at Westbury Maze

We did eventually find our way to the centre (and then promptly got lost on the way out!)

Yesterday we made the journey from Launceston down to Hobart.  We took our time and made a couple of stops.  Here’s a picture we took in Ross (a beautiful town, well worth a visit).

View of the street in Ross

A view of the historic town of Ross.

We also stopped at Swansea (anyone who knows Tasmania will now know we didn’t take a direct route). Here’s a view of the beach and sea there.

Swansea - view of ocean and beach

View of Swansea Beachfront

We then carried on straight to Hobart, admiring all the natural wonders around us (on the A3, and this is not sarcasm this road has a lot to recommend it) before finally arriving at the hotel at around 2.30pm.

After another nap, we arose and took in the sights around the hotel and located an Indian restaurant for dinner.  Dinner was delicious!

Well, must get moving… need to have some breaky and get dressed to go out.  I’ll be back soon with another update.  Till then, happy stitching!