We’ve been down in Mt Barker for Christmas which has been fun for the most part.  My big news is I fell flat on my face outside the church after the service on Thursday morning (no, I had NOT been drinking!) I was quite lucky in that I don’t have any black bruises, just a very red and swollen nose that is very tender.  My glasses will need to be replaced as I scratched them up a bit too.  It was in front of a rather big crowd, so my pride took a bit of a battering too.  

But on to more pleasant things – presents! Joel’s parents liked their Kelso tree ornament and the assorted bits and bobs we brought back from Tassie for them.  Joel gave me a Nintendo DS and a Brain Training game (it’s mainly mental arithmetic which was never my thing so my brain age is 67, while my body is 34!!)  He also gave me a box set of Agatha Christie’s Poirot DVDs  which I will savor and stitch to and a new Nigella Lawson Cook book, Nigella Christmas.  We made the Yule Mule Cocktail straight away to much acclaim. 

Even with the accident, this has been a lovely Christmas.  I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families and friends.