Happy New Year Everybody! Here’s wishing everyone health and happiness for the coming year.

Just before Christmas I pulled out my Mystery Spot Sampler again and added a few motifs.  I know I said I’d work on Mary Thompson till she was completed but I just wasn’t in the mood – I’m a contrary girl.  Anyway the purples in the Mystery Spot Sampler were just the ticket and I stitched away on it for a couple of days quite happily.  I’m no where near caught up to the pace on this but sufficiently happy with my progress.

Here’s my new year start – Countdown to Christmas (Blue Ribbon Designs) a rather fun stitch so far.

Achievements for 2008 and goals for 2009.

Well, I had 30 finishes last year – mostly exchanges and small pieces.

This year, I am planning to work on:

  • Beatrix Potter’s Quaker Sampler
  • Mary Thompson
  • Countdown to Christmas
  • Mystery Spot Sampler

These will be my focus pieces though I know I will stray from the path and will end up doing all sorts of stitching.  I’m looking forward to it!

This week…

  • I’m returning to work (frankly, not really looking forward to that).
  • We’re having air conditioning installed! Hooray, Huzzah, Hallelujah! (I think you can see I am looking forward to that).
  • Probably catching up with the stitching girlfriends on the weekend.

So till next time, many happy stitches.