Meowy Tyme - Homespun Elegance

Homespun Elegance - Meowy Tyme

I’m home alone this weekend! Joel’s down in Mt Barker visiting his folks and helping them to pack up their house in preparation for some renovations which will be happening very soon.  Lots of hard work and heavy lifting so I was given the option of staying in Perth – which I gladly took up especially as Mt Barker was the scene of my most recent nose-pavement incident (yes, I am still harping on about that).

Joel left Friday afternoon and after reveling in the pure pleasure of having the house to myself for a bit, I decided to pull out my quite considerable stash and have a bit of a play.  Whilst I was stash diving I found the kit I bought for Meowy Tyme (pictured above) and felt a little guilty that I hadn’t made him up. So on Saturday after I’d done a couple of loads of washing and a few chores, I got to work on him.  I did all the embroidery on his face and stuffed his tail and then got nervous about sewing him together.  I don’t feel all that in-tune with my sewing machine and it frightens me – I really do prefer hand stitching.  So it wasn’t till this morning that I pulled myself together and faced the sewing machine and Meowy’s flat little body.  I don’t know what I was so worried about, he was a cinch to stitch together and to stuff.

So here he is all finished – he is cute isn’t he!  He’s already had a bit of a disagreement with Felix, who tossed him off the table in a huff.  I hope they will learn to live and let live.  I’ve got a few of the patterns Sandra Sullivan of Homespun Elegance designed for him to wear but I’m liking him so much unadorned at the moment I’m not sure I will stitch them.

I’ve also been working on Shores and Spring Violets but I couldn’t be bothered taking photos of them.

Till we meet again, many happy stitches.

Updated to add: Anyone want the pattern?  Let me know in the comments.