I’ve had a headache all day (feeling better now) and haven’t been stitching… so, I’ve got the shopping itch! ABC stitch appears to have the best selection of previews of Nashville releases up at the moment.  Here’s a few of my faves*…

From The Cat’s Whisker’s Design Studio (our local gal): Victorian Memories Chaise Lounge and For my Friend Scissor Pocket.

From with my needle: Fair Maiden’s Etui.

From Blue Ribbon Designs: It’s cold outside.

And from Keepsake Stitches: Keep love in thy heart chatelaine.

I’m looking forward to adding these to my stash sometime soon!  I’ll be stitching tomorrow and Monday and should have a real stitching update Tuesday-ish.  Till then, happy stitches!

*can’t keep these to myself! It’s just not fair.