Spring Violets by Country Cottage Needleworks

Spring Violets – Country Cottage Needleworks

I don’t think this piece needs much of an introduction – I’m all finished with Spring Violets by Country Cottage Needleworks! Hooray! It is stitched with the called for fibres (a heady mix of WDW, Cresent Colours and DMC) on cream Newcastle linen.

And now for two blog awards I have received recently, the first is from a little while back and I’d like to send apologies to Basia who so generously awarded an “Uber amazing blog award” to No sampler left behind whilst Joel and I were in Tasmania in December.  I was thrilled at the time and is only Christmas, New Years, settling back into work in my old position (I’ve been on a higher duties contract for the last 5 months) and utter laziness that kind of prevented my sharing the award.

The ‘Uber Amazing Blog Award’ is given to those who:
– inspire you
– give amazing information
– show amazing projects
– is a pleasure to read
– or these is any other reason you think there are amazing
The rules are as follows:
– you have to put the logo on your blog
– you have to nominate at least 5 (can be more) blogs that you think are amazing and give links to them
– you have to let the person you nominate know about the award by leaving a comment on their blog.

I’m going to be a bit lazy again and suggest you look to the right to my side bar where there is a link to my bloglines account which shows the 221 blogs that I find inspirational, charming and just plain fun to read.  When I moved my blog to WordPress I couldn’t figure out how to make the list appear in my sidebar so I did the next best thing and made a link to my list.  You will find all my favourites there.  I’ve not seen this award circulating the blogs so please feel free to award it to yourself and continue it’s life – I think it is a pretty award.  Thank you Basia!

And yesterday I recieved the rather wonderful “Your blog is fabulous” award from Laura.  I don’t know about you but when I see this award I pronounce it in my head as FAAbulous as in “fabulous darling” (tipple of champagne? don’t mind if I do) .  With this award I am supposed to list 5 obsessions.  Hmm, only 5? Let’s see:

  • Cooking, right now I am working on the perfect lasange recipe (not there yet, last one was a bit sloppy – but as a consequence, I now have the perfect bechamel sauce and can make a fantastic macaroni cheese – another childhood favourite).
  • Stitching, well that one is a given.
  • Reading, I am a librarian so you would expect that I would suppose (though many of us do not get to read as much as you would expect, my reading is mainly done via audiobooks – I can stitch and read at the same time that way).
  • Shopping. It’s a bit of a sickness! Working in the city I am very close to all the shops and tend to go shopping at lunchtime and after work on the way to catch my bus home.  Yesterdays great finds? Leaf Gelatin and Bircher Museli.
  • Keeping house – sadly, I am not the uber housewife I wish to be.  I’ve perfected the art of turning a blind eye to the dusting and vacuuming when there is stitching/reading/cooking or shopping to be done.  That doesn’t stop me obsessing about it though!

Thanks for the award Laura – it was fun to narrow it down to the top five.

Well that is another blathering from me.  A rather long post in the end! Happy stitches to you all.