Well, would you believe it but I have finally finished block two with a whole day of February left at my disposal (I am aiming at one block per month – I’ll re-think when I get to the major block in the middle).  I really like the little blue fish – but my favourite part of this block is still the eel – I really got a kick out of bringing him to “life”.

And here’s a photo of the whole thing so far. I love it!

I’ve had a day off work at home today. My Dad is arriving tomorrow for a lightning 5 day visit. So I took the day off to make the house presentable and had an electrician come out and repair the kitchen light that hasn’t been working for over a year (and install a pair of matching lights in the lounge and dining areas). I just couldn’t let Dad see that we still hadn’t done anything about getting the repair done – it would have been mortifying! It’s so strange to have light in the kitchen again. The electrician laughed when I said I’d got used to using the fridge’s light late at night. We also rigged up a desk lamp in the kitchen for more light but I think we just started eating earlier to get around it. Now there is no need!

Now that you’ve had a glimpse into my little insane ways, I’ll leave you be. Till we meet again, I wish you many happy stitches.