And what have we been up too? Well, Dad has been over to Western Australia for a flying visit. Whilst Dad visited we ate lots of junk food, stayed up late and did lots of touristy stuff. Then whoosh he was gone.

Then three days later Joel had to go to Canberra for a conference for 5 days. I stayed behind in Perth in our little house by myself. I really expected to spend all my new time alone stitching but it turns out when I am alone I can suddenly see dust. So I cleaned and cleaned. I was so proud when Joel came home and saw how tidy everything was.

Since he has returned a new obsession has entered our lives – house hunting. We’ve just had an interview with the bank and on the strength of that we are now on the hunt for a new Villa Maylandia (we don’t want to go to far from the old Villa). I’ll let you know when we have found our new place. It’s so exciting.

Next week I turn 35! I’m going to be having my performance appraisal with my boss on the big day. I hope he has nice things to say!

I’ve also made a new start and will have a stitchy update soon…

Till we next meet, I wish you many happy stitches.