front of pinkeep

Autumn Tree by The Trilogy – Stitched by Carol

Hello Friends, Look what arrived last night!  I knew that this package would show up soon, Carol had very kindly let me know it was on it’s way.    Here’s Autumn Tree, designed by The Trilogy, stitched on 32ct Natural Pearl Linen with GAST and WDW.  I simply love this piece.  As usual Carol has stitched it beautifully and her finishing is just gorgeous.

Back of pinkeep

The back of the pinkeep, just showing you the gorgeous autumnal fabby

I love the fabric Carol used on the back! Lovely autumn leaves.  As the season is starting to turn here in Western Australia I will soon be walking though drifts of leaves shaped just like these outside my work in the City.  We have a lovely avenue of trees on my walk down to the bus in the evening.

The Whole Package from Carol

The whole kit and caboodle

Carol is always very generous with her packages – there was some lovely fabric, notions, and other bits and bobs.  I really feel spoiled.  Thank you so much Carol for such a fabulous Autumn Package.

Here’s a rather blurry shot taken last night of the state of the house, in the forground you  can see the tiny space I cleared to take the photo’s of the package from Carol in the background, boxes, boxes and more boxes!  There’s so much to pack away! We’re getting there slowly – the new house will be ours next Wednesday!

I’m starting to enjoy my new role at work.  As usual, I had a few moments of  “what the heck was I thinking” last week but I am starting to find my feet and feel more settled.  Thank you all for the good wishes – I think they made all the difference!

Till we next meet, I wish you many happy stitches.