Felix feeling a little shy

Hello friends, sorry for the disappearing act!

In the last two months we’ve:

  • bought a new house (three bedrooms! Soo much room!)
  • moved to the new place
  • travelled to South Australia to see Dad for just over a week
  • celebrated his 60th Birthday
  • visited Country Bumpkin, home of Inspirations magazine (well, I was in Adelaide after all!)
  • unpacked a gazillion boxes
  • arranged and rearranged the furniture
  • finally got the phone company to connect up the home phone
  • a week after that we got our internet re-connected (late May)
  • travelled to Dowerin for a stitcher’s getaway
  • cleaned and polished up the old place and put it on the market
  • after one showing we had three offers and one was for the full asking price!
  • we are now just waiting for their finance to go through (it was pre-approved, but it still takes time
  • bought a few pieces of Ikea to assist with storage (surely we had places for these pieces in the old place, turns out that everything grew whilst in those boxes!!)

This is really just a taster of what we’ve been up too – stitching wise, I’ve made a little progress on all my WIPs but nothing spectacular to show yet. I’ve also made a number of new starts which I’ll show soon, I promise (really).


Felix enjoying our new garden

To finish off here’s another picture of my favourite red boy.  Catch up again soon, till then – happy stitches!