Hello again friends,

I rushed home tonight to bring you this WIP update.  Sorry the pictures aren’t the greatest – I had to use my flash, most of the natural light had already departed.  My small red friend intervened halfway through the process (as you will see).

First up is Little House Needlework’s Spring Sampler (one of the Silk Collaboration packs with Crescent Colors) I’m stitching this one on “Vintage” Cashel Linen. This is the first new start I have made since moving to the new house.

And here’s Countdown to Christmas by Blue Ribbon Designs. I stitched a bit on this whilst I was away with my stitching girlfriends for the weekend in the Wheatbelt town of Dowerin.

Mary Thompson also had some time out of the WIP basket whilst I visited with my stitching friends. I really should work on her more, there is only one more page of my photocopy to go (the chart is from Quaker School Girl Samplers – inside the dust jacket, I made a working copy so I don’t damage the cover).

Also receiving some attention in Dowerin was Lizzie Kate’s Beware of Cat (which I had to add “the” to in my stitched version – it bothered me). Another close to finish there…

At this point, Felix put his paw down and insisted a real (and very handsome) cat appear in this blog WIP parade.

Having given the little man some loving, I was allowed to proceed with the WIP parade. Here’s Blackbird Designs Quaker Garden – I started this one a little while ago but stopped when we started packing up for the move.

This piece I started as a birthday pressie for my Dad’s 60th. Sadly, I stalled on this one too. It’s also stitched on Vintage Cashel.

And here’s the Spot Sampler Mystery Sampler by Stickideen Von der Wiehenburg. I’m using a variety of HDF silks for this piece. I just love this one.

And last but not least, here’s my rather pathetic start on block number three for Shores of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings. This is another stalled piece for me. But pulling it out of my basket made me want to get back to work on it again!

So, that’s what’s in my workbasket! Writing this post makes me want to get back to my stitching chair!  So till next time, I wish you many happy stitches.