I just got this photo out of my camera and discovered from the EXIF data that I finished this sampler back in June! I forgot to share it with you back then. It’s my 2nd finish for the year (not counting exchanges) – this year is off to a slow start!! It’s stitched on “vintage” Belfast fabric with the Belle Soie in the pattern pack.

Completed Spring Sampler / Little House Needleworks

Spring Sampler / Little House Needleworks

The reason I connected my camera to my lappy was to get this photo of my Tulip pots on the deck in our backyard. The red-ish one is “world’s finest” and the white one is “white” – no cute name for that one. I just love them.

Tulips in bloom

Tulips on our Deck

I’ve been a bit bulb-happy since we moved, I also had three hyacinth bulbs in my bulb vases (see previous post to see the last white one – I also had two pink hyacinths that have now died).  As well as the bulbs we planted we have discovered narcissus bulbs in the front garden and iris bulbs in the back garden.  It’s been a delight discovering our new garden’s secrets.