Hi Everyone,

What a wonderful weekend! I accomplished so much! Here’s a taste:

  • We had Joel’s parents and my niece Catriona over for dinner on Friday night (Daffodils in previous post bought in their honour)
  • Joel and I went to IKEA on Saturday morning and bought me a new desk, a lamp for the sitting room and some storage boxes
  • Then we went to the large shopping centre near us and bought our groceries (and a new waistcoat for Joel with the gift voucher his parents gave him for his birthday)
  • I ironed, posed and took pictures of Mary Thompson and then blogged them (miracle of miracles!)
  • I pulled the books off the four bookcases in my study / sewing room and rearranged the room to make space for the desk (yes, it fits!!)
  • I built the desk (with a little assistance at the end from Joel).
  • We did all the washing (5 loads)
  • I baked a cake (yum)
  • I stitched a little on the Purple mystery spot sampler
  • Started watching Battlestar Galactica all over again from Season one (while I stitched)

Whew! Good thing I have this morning off to recover before I start work today (I’m on a late shift at the Library).

Here’s a snap of my new desk (creative clutter already in place!!)

New Desk for my office/sewing room

Cathy's new desk!

Till next time, friends.