… from Andrea of the blog The Craft Room.

Christmas Blessings / Milady's needle
Detail of the back of the ornieThe little extras that Andrea included
Andrea stitched Christmas Blessings by Milady’s Needle from the JCS ornament issue 2007 (coincidentally I also selected an ornament from that issue for my partner). As we all know, Andrea does beautiful stitching and finishing and this ornament is just stunning. I love it, it is beautiful. You can also see the lovely extra’s Andrea included with the parcel. It was a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much Andrea.

I suggest you look at Andrea’s photos as they are much better than mine at the moment – there are a couple of factors influencing this – I took mine at 6am before getting ready for work and I don’t have my Christmas folderol out, to stage the photo nicely (it’s in our shed). My excuse: I was in a bit of a rush to get these posted to let Andrea know that the package arrived safely. Now I’m all inspired to get it all out and start decorating for Christmas. I’ll replace the photos above when we’ve decorated (it will make me feel better – goodness I can see coffee rings on my desk that I didn’t know were there – what a slovenly housekeeper I am!!)