Hello friends! I’ve made a start on decorating our home for Christmas!

Mistletoe testing here / Lizzie Kate

Mistletoe Testing Here (from Tiny Tidings XVI) / Lizzie Kate

Here’s a recent finish – Mistletoe testing here by Lizzie Kate. Stitching on this piece triggered my search for the perfect fake mistletoe (I was pretty sure the real thing was not available in this country as our customs regulations have been strict on the sort of plant matter brought into this country for a long time). For some reason, we just didn’t seem to have any fake mistletoe in Western Australia – I looked and looked! Finally I gave up and gave Etsy.com a try and found the rather wonderful example you can see in the picture (I love it!) Wouldn’t you know, the same day it was delivered I found a kissing ball in one of our department stores (which is now by our front door – I just couldn’t leave it behind!)

Ornie received from Andrea

Christmas Blessings / Milady's Needle

And here’s a better photograph of the lovely ornament that Andrea sent to me last month which as you can see is now on our tree (and looking fabulous!!)

I have another finish to share but I have misplaced it for the moment! It’s Shepherd’s Bush’s Cotswold Sampler –  I’ll show you soon when I figure out what I have done with it!

In other stitching news I’ll be joining Vonna and the rest of her mad crew stitching on the Prairie Schooler Alphabet (probably a new year start)- I’m really looking forward to some PS stitching!  I am still plugging away at the purple spot sampler and now have more than half of it done!  I’ll have to share a photo of my progress soon!  Till next time my dears, happy stitching.