Hi friends, I’m sick at home today so it’s finally time to update the blog.  I learned something new about myself when it finally dawned on me that I was sick on Saturday – I’m not all that good at knowing I’m coming down with something.  On Thursday on the bus ride to work, I complained to my husband that I couldn’t sleep because I was being suffocated by my boobs.  Nope, that’s not what was happening (nice try, Cathy – your boobs not that huge).  Turned out the glands in my neck were swollen (at least that’s where I think they are) and that was making it difficult for me to breathe – I only figured it out two days later when the sore throat began.  So now I am in the sinus-y, snotty,  yucky stage of a cold.  Whoop.

A patch for a friend.

So what have I been up to since my last update? A bit of quilting (little finish above), a smidge of cross stitching and a lot of reading. I’ve been slowly working my way through Jennifer Chiaverini’s Elm Creek novels which are really very enjoyable – I am currently waiting delivery of the next one in the series for me (Circle of Quilters) which I ordered on sale from Borders. The little finish above is for a friendship quilt for a friend at work who is retiring. The blue fabric in the centre is the common fabric that we all have to use for the quilt, the rest is scraps from my stash. I was a little stuck about what to do for this piece because the lady who it is for is very special to me (she’s let me cry on her shoulder more than once!!).  Thankfully one of my work friends said, you like hexagon quilting, do one of those, so I did! When I handed in the block, I did get rather a lot of love from the organisers of the project – which was just lovely (and good for my ego, this was only my second attempt at this technique).  This photo is from my camera in the computer as opposed to my point and shoot so the colours are a bit dodgy – sorry about that (there were no batteries in the camera).

As for Cross stitch I have been working on my HAED piece QS tuxedo cat and a Chatelaine Design Peacock garden (this year’s mystery).  No progress pictures for you yet.  Sorry.

Well friends, till next time.