Hello again folks.

Here’s a tiny taste of what I have been stitching since we last met…

WIP and a finish

Milady's Acorn Box and Fob background, Miniature Monogram Hornbook, foreground.

I’ve completed the stitching on Milady’s Acorn box and fob by Milady’s Needle and have stitched and finished Kelmscott Designs’ Miniature Monogram Hornbook.  I’ve had the Acorn box stitching done for a few weeks now… must get on and do the finishing!

We are all well.  Been busy with the new job but it is a good busy.  Life is getting back into balance – you can tell because I have finally snapped out of my deep self-hatred and have started taking better care of myself.  At yesterdays weigh in I lost 1.8kg for a total now of 3.6kg – with another 33kg to go – but hey, one must start somewhere.  I’m still battling my feelings of self hatred, hopelessness and failure everyday – I know I am not alone in this – why is it so hard for us to love ourselves? My best guess for my own part, is that I expect perfection and I cannot live up to my own high ideals.  I’m going to have to work on that too during my journey.

I’ve set myself some little goal rewards:

  • at 5kg off I am going to go and have a manicure and pedicure and get my waxing done (yep this has fallen by the wayside – I’ve been feeling like a great hairy beast!!)
  • at 10kg off – I’m going to treat myself to a new bike
  • there should be something to mark 15kgs off but I don’t know what… (yet)
  • at 20kgs off – I’m going to go to Melbourne for a week (I’ve never been there)

That’s about as far ahead as I can imagine… on my first real weight loss attempt a few years ago I managed to take off 20kgs but I have put it all back on (and some extra) and at the moment all I want to do is beat my personal best. I do know when I get to the end of my journey I want to celebrate in grand style – a party? another trip? not sure yet.  Always open to suggestion though!

Well till we next meet, I wish you many happy stitches!