Hello friends,
A few years ago I stitched a Shepherd’s Bush stocking for my nephew Niall and last Christmas his mum (my little sister) asked if I had any plans to stitch one for his little sister – well, yes I did! Problem is, I am so easily distracted that this piece just wasn’t getting any stitch time. For ages the three little flowers in the centre all I had completed. I just couldn’t get going on this piece. A couple of weeks ago however I just suddenly decided to start working on it again and here is my progress to date.

Shepherd's Bush - Jillian's Stocking WIP

Jillian's Stocking - Shepherd's Bush

Sorry this photo is not the greatest. I don’t know about you, but I am always surprised when I can see I am getting close to finishing things – especially now that I am not particularly prolific stitcher. Just have a couple of motifs to add, Cate’s name and the landscape down the bottom to do. Huzzah!

In weight loss news, I am now down 6kgs, yay! Most challenging moment so far is very recent… I had to go to Canberra for work for three days and had very little control over what was going to be presented to eat whilst I was away. I walked each day but was very aware that my evening meals just weren’t very WW friendly (emphasis on mashed potato at every restaurant we ate at) still I had my weigh in on Saturday morning after flying back home Friday night and was pleased to learn I had managed to lose another 300g (all that walking paid off!)

Till we next meet, happy stitching.