Hello friends!

It’s a lovely spring Sunday morning at the Villa Maylandia. I’ve sprung from my rest, eaten my shredded wheat (with rhubarb compote), had a couple of cups of tea and finally decided to update my blog again. The lovely Dr K is still abed. I can hear Felix crunching biscuits in the background.

Since we last communed, I have finished the stitching on Jillian’s Stocking by Shepherd’s Bush for my niece, Cate.

Cate's Stocking

Jillian's Stocking (for Cate) by Shepherd's Bush

This was such a fun stitch I had it all done a week after my last post.

What have I been doing since I finished the stitching on the stocking? Not shopping for fabric to finish it – I really should do that. No, I have been working a little on Beatrix Potter’s Quaker…

Beatrix Potter Quaker WIP

Beatrix Potter's Quaker / Needleprint

I finished the large flower medallion in the second row and added a couple of small motifs to the right of it and at the right edge. Sorry about the creases, I just couldn’t face getting out the ironing board.

I got my copy of JCS ornaments from Amy at DSL – I think this years’ issue is fabulous! I have already stitched an ornie from this issue – I have surprised myself and stitched the Jemini Designs Puffin, not my usual thing at all really, I just liked him and happened to have all the threads (except the memory thread, which I have ordered along with the buttons for his feet – little ice skates).

Jemini Designs: Puffin ornament

Puffin Ornament / Jemini Designs

I think he turned out pretty cute.

In news of the incredible shrinking Cathy, I weighed in yesterday at WW and weighed 92kg (10.6kg lost) yay!  I can now fit into my celebration dress (this is the dress that I have pictures of me wearing with all my nieces and nephews on my first visit to them in the hospital after they were born – it’s just a coincidence but a funny one to me) I said to Joel the other day that I am now ready for a new niece or nephew! I don’t think my sister or SIL will cooperate though!

Also in lifestyle news, I have permanently changed jobs to a part time role (still doing the Quality Librarian job) I work three days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A great outcome for me (though less money, I will have to be a bit more discerning about my stashing!!)

Well, since I started updating this blog, Felix has entered my study and is making difficult to type so I am going to have to sign off now.  Till we next meet.