Hello friends, I’m on the couch watching Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and trying not to judge it too harshly – I think it’s my least favourite of the prequels (Joel told me earlier it should more properly be called Counter Attack of the Clones).   Today’s Lego build: Slave One (Bobba Fett’s spaceship).  It’s true – I am a Star Wars tragic.

Today I have been in my stash nest tidying up – I had a huge stash of magazines and I have disposed of maybe a third of them, cutting out the projects I might possibly do (too many, really).  I did think about trying to sell the complete magazines that I had left undamaged but frankly I thought it would be too much effort for too little return – so into the recycling bin they went.  What a relief!  It was nice to space out the remaining magazines.  I have a new project now … putting all the cut out projects into sleeves and filing them tidily – a task for another weekend!

Here’s a progress pic of where I am up to with Chatelaine’s Peacock Garden Mandala (last years big mystery mandala).  This big greenish /purple-y bit is a quarter of part four.  There’s heaps to go on this quarter – it will be some time before I am done with this part.  Whilst I am in spring cleaning mode, this piece is sitting on it’s frame in my spare bathroom, my stash nest is not big enough to accommodate the stand and piles and piles of magazines.

Blog fodder... progress picture for Chatelaine's Peacock mandala

Peacock Garden Mandala WIP / Chatelaine Designs.

I was tidying in the stash nest yesterday as well and while I was sorting though my charts I found lots of small designs that I would like to stitch this year – I think this year will be a good one for my stitching!

I’ll probably add most of the charts I removed whilst I was sorting though my stash to my Stash available to a good home page here.  I will go through them all again before I do that to make sure I won’t regret their loss.

The stash nest cleanup is still not complete… there are still some magazines to review and my kit stash (stuff I bought as kits, not kitted projects) is stored in a cupboard and has yet to see light of day this year (out of sight out of mind).  Fun times ahead!

Well, it’s getting close to 8:30pm here and I’m starting to get drowsy, so I’ll bid you all adieu and wish you many happy stitches till we next meet.