Hi friends,

I missed my Sunday deadline to post this week because we had visitors on Sunday  – Joel’s Mum and Dad came to visit us, which was absolutely lovely!  We tried a new cafe that has opened up near to us (“Piccos” for the Perthies) and caught up on all their news (mainly about my niece and  nephew who are the centre of their universe – hey, they are their only grandchildren – it is only fair).

Knowing we would have guests Sunday meant that I went into housekeeping overdrive on Saturday and Sunday and so my stitching got set aside.  I did five loads of washing on Saturday and Sunday which prevented me from getting to grips with my new WIP (and now you see the significance of the title of my post).  The new WIP is Washday by Hinzeit, one of their mini block patterns (I got mine from the Silver Needle).  I had kind of hoped to finish it this weekend.  Here’s a photo of where I got up to.

What else have we been up to… well, we are still in the grips of Lego fever…


The Greengrocer

Here is my new set: The Greengrocer, which I started on Saturday afternoon and finished after the in-laws left last night.  This is such a sweet little set, now sadly only available on Ebay.  Here it is with the other shop I built, The Grand Emporium:


The Greengrocer with The Grand Emporium

I am now trying to resist the Fire Station that is in the same style…(I know I will get it – whether I can hold out and it is given to me as a birthday gift in March is the issue!)

Joel is still building his Star Wars Lego (and yes, I know I said Slave one was mine, but it lives with his sets) here’s a couple of snaps of the Star wars stuff on our coffee table…


From the front: Slave I, General Greivous’ Star Fighter, Clone troopers battle pack, Mandelorian battle pack (little blue guys) and the Battle of Naboo pack (that one’s mine – love the little droids)


Clone troopers battle pack, Mandalorian battle pack and Battle for Naboo set again.

So, as you can see all is very jolly at our place, well, I am home sick today, back and neck pain, which could be a result of the cleaning festival and some sort of allergy thing that is driving me crazy – all up, not a good day to be at work – but thankfully nothing too debilitating – some rest will put me right again.

Wishing you all a happy week and many happy stitches till we next meet.