Hello friends, well another weekend draws to an end here at the lovely Villa Maylandia.  I’m pretty excited because I seem to have recovered my stitching mojo, that elusive essence that fuels many stitching happy dances.


Washday / Hinzeit

First up, here is my finish of Hinzeit’s Washday  – I finished the stitching on Thursday night and added the charms at the Friday night stitch-in at my LNS, Colours Down Under.  The charms are really rather cute. I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite they are all adorable.

On Friday night at the stitch-in I started this Just Nan piece, Snow Deer – I finished this up yesterday morning after I had stopped by my Weight Watchers meeting (update, I have lost 18kg now).


Snow Deer / Just Nan

And here it is in the “Whimsy” frame that came with the kit…


Snow Deer / Just Nan

After I had finished that up, I grabbed a little Shepherds Bush Kit I had sitting around in my stash for a while…


Sweet Pea / Shepherds Bush

Such a sweet little stitch and very quick to finish up (a couple of hours tops!).

Lastly I have a new WIP that I started last night and am simply powering away on:


You Suit Me - Raise the Roof

I am really enjoying stitching on this design – it appealed to me because Joel and I used to play a lot of cards before we got married, with his sister and her then boyfriend (now my brother-in-law).  It seems a nice way to bring back some rather nice memories for me. We never play now!! I should have this finished this week and will share the finish with you soon (unless the mojo evaporates – is it bad to even suggest it will?)

Well, it’s ten minutes past my bedtime, so I had better wrap this up now.  Till we next meet, I wish you many happy stitches.