Trip napping

Aww -- Tripitaka having a little nap

We adopted Tripitaka (Trip for short, also known as Tee and Tee-tarka – for someone so small she has a lot of nicknames!) during June earlier this year.  She was found by someone from my work, abandoned in a storm drain with her two sisters.  She was six weeks old she came home to live with us – her two sisters were also taken by people from work (a vet advised when it would be safe to split up the threesome).  Trip gets along quite well with our other cat, Felix.  Trip is full of energy and likes to play fight with Felix but he is very tolerant and just lets her get on with it till he’s had enough and will then walk away.

This is Joel playing his favourite online game with his feline associates assisting.

Here's Dr K (Joel) playing online with both cats assisting from his lap.

There’s a few more photos of Tripitaka in my flickr account here.


Felix, a true gentleman.

To finish today’s post, here’s a picture Felix looking extra dignified.  My hubby Joel told me to take a snap of him this morning when I was taking a few photos of Tripitaka as Felix is quite jealous of any attention she gets.