Happy New Year, Everyone! Wishing you all a fabulous 2012.

We spent our New Year’s Eve at my sister in law’s place which was just lovely, firstly playing with the kids and once they’d headed off to bed, chatting into the wee small hours with the adults. For the first time in many years we all made it to midnight and toasted the new year in with champagne (usually, Joel and I are on our own at this point, the lovely Jones’ having excused themselves to head off to bed). As we all toddled off to our beds at just after 1am, we got assurances that this will probably be the last year that they will manage to join us.  It was a very pleasant night – we sat out on the back patio, drinking assorted cocktails (the strawberry daiquiri was to die for, I also recommend Penny’s Black Russian) and enjoying their company. Breakfast today was a piece of Tiramisu meant for dessert last night, followed by lots of fresh bread with home-made butter (not the greatest start to a new diet year but delicious all the same!!) Here’s a pic we took last night with my phone just as we were all getting ready to retire for the night.

Me (left) and my wonderful sister in law, Penny.