Hello friends,

Well the 2012 stitching year has started a little slowly for me (for example, that lovely blue sampler I’ve been working on has not progressed beyond one thread length since I last posted – I’m now 3 pages behind).

I do have a new start to share, which I mentioned in my previous post – The Prairie Schooler’s Garden Gate Sampler from their booklet Garden Samplers (long OOP sorry).  Here’s a picture of my progress so far…

Garden Gate Sampler / The Prairie Schooler

Garden Gate Sampler / The Prairie Schooler

It’s looking quite pleasing already – I think the colour scheme is quite Little House Needleworks-y (though of course it is probably the other way round given that the chart was published in 1994).  I’m stitching it with the charted DMC cottons on 40ct natural linen – this linen is quite “hairy” – there are strange little filaments of the linen not quite woven in all the way that are a bit like when you catch your clothes on a nail – not that nice to stitch on unfortunately, but I will persevere!  This is what I have managed to achieve on an hour or so each day.

This is all I have achieved for the WIPocalypse SAL, so far.  I’m also using this SAL as an opportunity to review my (frankly massive) stash, this month it was the WIPS (including those looong-term WIPs), next month I’m thinking I’ll catalogue the fully kitted pieces – those ready to stitch.

What else have I been doing?

  • Working – no holidays other than the prescribed public holidays for me this year.  Hardly anyone else was at work (and our cafe was closed argh!) It was very strange and I learned that I am not a happy worker when I am left on my own (my self talk is terrible – I convince myself that nothing I do at work is worthwhile – and yet I know deep down that I am actually very well thought of in my library).
  • Skyrim – Dr K gave me this game just before Christmas and I’ve been spending a lot of time playing it instead of stitching – naughty (I ended up giving Dr K his own version because it is rather awesome).
  • Preparing for invasion – My Dad and his partner, Karen are arriving in the wee hours tomorrow morning, so Dr K and I have been cleaning the heck out of our house – our kitten Tripitaka has taken it upon herself to re-muck it as quickly as possible (she lies in our mulched garden and brings in the straw attached to her fur).

It will be a quiet week for stitching, Skyrim and work this week as we’ll have Dad and his partner, Karen visiting till next Monday.  That means I’ll be going out and about more, taking a few days off from work to do so and not playing with the Xbox.

Wishing you all a great week!